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Welcome to Newshound PR
Newshound PR is a global partnership of principal-driven technology specialist PR Agencies that delivers pro-active PR for clients on a pan European and global basis.

The partnership has been founded as a separate corporate and is owned by its member agencies across the globe.

Why Newshound PR?
If you are a client with international or pan-European PR requirements you typically have 2 choices:
1 Appoint one of the large global PR agencies
2 Use a loosely affiliated network of smaller agencies across the globe.
Both these approaches have strengths and weaknesses.

Newshound PR was founded, developed and designed, specifically to deliver the very best of both approaches.



What can Newshound PR offer you today?
Owner driven experienced PR professional in every market
Lower costs and higher return on your PR investment
An effective proven process for consistent PR campaign delivery
Flexibility to improve performance in each country
Strong commitment from local agencies that own shares in Newshound PR
A single point of contact for PR planning, measurement and reporting.
If you want to know more about Newshound PR please contact