Car of implementation of treatment of ArmorStruxx water knife is ballproof function

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The landmine of beautiful national defence that using in Iraq and Afghanistan assaults for military use (MRAP) the car can endure bullet concussion and explosive bow wave better, because used the technology of etc of technology of water knife cut that is located in company of ArmorStruxx of city of California city Lodi,be. ArmorStruxx has stuff only for client development, these clients come from war industry, aviation and business to use the trade such as construction of automobile manufacturing industry, building and municipal facilities. Preventing landmine to assault car of for military use is the heavy-duty military vehicle of a kind of new class, the design is used at front to carry. They deploy ballproof face plate to protect a passenger. Ballproof face plate uses Kaifula (Kevlar) fiber composite material, among them some mix have S glass, installation is in ballproof aluminium material or horniness are ballproof in armor plate. ArmorStruxx uses Flow international firm (Www.


The water knife system that Com) manufactures produces tailor-made and ballproof face plate for these car. When making ballproof face plate, armorStruxx produces triumphant husband to draw ballproof material in the spot, become cut of this composite material 5 × the substrate of 10 feet of size. It returns pair of installation to machine installing hole in all sorts of ballproof face plate on car. ArmorStruxx uses 7 cutting power for 87, 000 pounds / square inch, the machine tool of IFB water knife that uses technology of dynamic water knife, and force of a cutting is 60, 000 pounds / square inch IFB machine tool is finished should make a process. The machine tool of knife of all Flow water of ArmorStruxx works everyday 3, every week 7 days. Fastigium is produced last month, the company leaves factory everyday 35 cars, hold platform in order to back two different MRAP cars. The vice-president Joe Felts of ArmorStruxx says: "Water knife already was proved to be a kind of ideal cut tool, the triumphant husband that is used at MRAP car in cut especially plays composite material side especially ideal. " he complements: "If this kind of material uses the cutting tool of other type, criterion cutting tool can become very quickly blunt, but the water knife machine tool that has abrasion is OK however and successive cut this kind of composite material, this pairs of our be of exceptional importance. " have stuff only besides development beyond, armorStruxx is returned from all sorts of material cut parts, include HJ1, T-Flex, pottery and porcelain, Spectra (ballproof armor material) , Hexform, Kaifula material of etc of glass of composite material, 0-90 E and S glass, E of 2 inches of phenolic aldehyde. CNC Milling CNC Machining