Reduce a mould wear away

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Content abstract: What measure to use to you can be lengthened to the service life that reduces model and figuration standard? The method of company of Steinel standard component is: Use roller oriented device. Direct with ball plant phase is compared, roller directs device can bear better transverse active force, can use less lubricant data, not incidental attaint. Accurate out directs goodly: Manufacturing nicety is strong cut into parts the mould is well-known, be in Germany, only effective (do correct business) with efficiency (do a business correctly) when the center of park business activity, such production just is feasible. More than 10 years since, a few simple production technology changed sweated state, and those tall difficulty, height is complex still stay in German home with the manufacturing technology that has a risk. Such manufacturing technology, to punch technology and the Germany that change curved technology equipment manufacturing base raised extremely tall requirement. Let us imagine honestly: Before 10 years, whose this meeting thinks of for one fraction charge, does a typical milling spare parts use punch below the circumstance of same quality model and will the model that fold a turn make? What meaning is efficiency? Have production to be in Germany, how should select correct part? If realize the strong point of German country, can withhold a lot of engineering technology here, for example, through choosing appropriate functional component. What we are engaged in is a quite big technology field, but when we examine its detail, it is the program that can get a special economy. Machine down time and the reliable Shiwaben that offer money (Schwaben, an administration zone that is German Bavaria city) the managing common practice that the area gave a name is to be based on following understanding: I do not have money, as a result buys some of cheap goods. The true mind that is concealed in its backside actually is, when people is purchasing equipment, be managing, but as a result of higher follow-up cost meeting causes aborning certain loss, perhaps must undertake purchasing equipment afresh even. Current, are we rushing cut into parts component, strong how do reducing technology and respect of equipment of the technology that fold a turn score a success? During defending the job and maintenance work, go up in a number of produces excellent part the dependability that shows the punch model that has yield of taller spare parts and the effectiveness of the model that fold a turn and process. Here, not be the price only produce an effect to deciding the part such as the such as punch of workpiece figuration and sunken model, to the special part that by hard alloy material makes, achieve 800 euro quickly with every price. In addition, still should consider what in a planned way arranges to do not have the machine down time of the manufacturing facilities of arrangement with the plan, and finish on schedule to what client place assures plan and offer money on schedule. Lift an example to explain: If produce a process to use 200 stroke / Min, press a production one year by 49 weeks, move with 15 orders every week, can produce so every year 61.

1 million 74 spare partses. If invest amount to be 2 1 million euro, stop machine charge of a hour should spend 200 euro about, if safeguard time set to be 3 hours, so mean the equipment that should spend 600 euro to stop opportunity cost, little production 36000 spare partses, and be spent even shield the charge of personnel and spare parts with Yu Wei. Ensure precision: In the roller on the mould oriented device and action are in the force on oriented device. The roller of innovation is oriented fit is good as a result of tigidity, of scroll body bear the weight of basically the cost is mixed high very precision, because this kind of device is,lengthen the important and general module of the strong spare parts that reduce a standard and service life of figuration model spare parts. Roller directs device decreased to develop those who cut modular component and figuration model component into parts to wear away, improved the service life of these component, its life is more oriented than using a convention when device 4 times taller. Because decreased to defend the work, accordingly, return every year but managing thousands of euro. Undertake directing column and roller cage change to roll as a result of every body rose to bear the weight of respectively bear, in the process of treatment, the stress that produces and force can be absorbed inside the mould; Strong cut punch into parts to be able to undertake accurate crossing-over and park develop the center that reduces sunken standard, the point that does not need to reduce protruding, sunken standard to rushing undertakes abrade. Every roller directs device works to do not have clearance absolutely, this kind of oriented device is producing manufacturer is the prestressing force that asks according to user place use special honing working procedure to come corrective, that is to say, guide-post bushing, roller and oriented column are to be in oil hard data works inside deputy plasticity limits. Use the manufacturer home of made of baked clay our region, its accumulate block product, when the circumstance of occurrence attaint, concessional change the cage of oriented column and roller. The tolerancepublic errand open up with two minor parts this kind of unapproachable possibility. This kind of roller directs another advantage of device is its radial stability. Linear bearing, guide-post bushing and the prestressing force that direct cylinder boils between column and roller are less than 0.

Of 05 μ M jumpy, action the load at the center is impossible to make direct the system produces radial twist. Move to the tall trends in automation technology and machine building, this kind of function can be used will make ensure on radial direction stable, and do not need to happen additional setting and charge. Company culture pays attention to Germany to be mixed effectively efficiency, effective it is to point to, work sign wanting order is clear, have a definite object in view, arrive directly at a target: Efficiency is to point to apparently, spend least resource, get the oldest economy. Undertake assembly in the light of the user: The roller that assembles by many special spare partses is oriented device to compositive what have embossing process or change curved process is strong reduce a standard, often can appear higher transverse power. Here, roller directs device directs than ball device is having very main good point. Direct the dimension of standard of systematic according to is produced, in revising a mould to be able to assemble existing mould and current package surely. The requirement that also can be aimed at an user produces the construction that assembles by many special spare partses. Other good points: When roller directs device moves particularly light and agile. The technical structure that is based on it is characteristic, μ of its coefficient of friction is very small, it is only 0.

005 ~ 0.

009, accordingly, need the lubricant of very few quantity only. If decided the interval of lubricant time, do not need to join concentration lubricates device (lube or) of oil supply unit. Ball is oriented because device generates punctate surface pressure, run easily below higher laden case close. As contrary as this, roller directs device can use his straight linear bearing, make its are versed in tabulation face sclerosis is mixed roll light, still can lengthen roller further so the service life of oriented device. One shapes the ball that roller wants to compare a same size can bear the weight of 12 times taller bear. To economy problem of application: Not be any use circumstances can be obtained above of narrates economic effect, also not be any circumstances suit to use roller oriented device. Of course, direct to use roller successfully device, the technical knowledge of personnel of need application technology and the professional knowledge of production manufacturer. Everybody knows the fact of place introduction here, and in the past, finally a few the manufactory home that the person that quality assures often is Germany. But, depending on the new job that the world of globalization offers to us, constant regular meeting appears to use a case newly, this also is the thing that can expect. CNC Milling CNC Machining