Explosion solders research

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Explosive treatment is explosion mechanical the borderline subject of as mutual as material science, processing technique across, its consider to have mechanical, material to learn the academic content that wait already, at the same time more important is explosion treatment itself is a technology, accordingly, technical development and the development that the technology creates pair of explosion to machine course are attached most importance to especially should. Current, the field that explosive treatment researchs also is expanding ceaselessly, shape except traditional explosion, explosion solders, cut of sclerosis of explosive aggrandizement, explosion, explosion develops to deeper administrative levels outside, modified of material of synthesis of burgeoning explosive powder agglomeration, explosion, explosion, explosion is eliminated solder heat treatment of leftover stress, explosion without do not produce the connection with happen fundamental with industry. Accordingly, closely related the understanding deepness that the development of the development of explosive treatment course and technology, people manages to explosive shock machine, relevant technology invention. The plastic that if traditional explosion shapes,the technology is using at subterranean deep-seated wildcat and repair, with Yu Lianzhu the nicety of crystallizer shapes, explosion solders to also be sided with super- thick, ultrathin, exceed diversification of big, material (like brittleness material) development. Burgeoning explosive agglomeration technology is being used at research of alloy of careful pottery and porcelain, fast temper by dipping in water, still the compound between explosive complex metal, diamond, nitrogen changes boracic, C-B-N to exceed hard data, pass data of the chemical accelerant of explosive modified, smooth accelerant, this offerred the development way that a lot of explosion machine, the explosion that also put forward a lot of remaining that consider is mechanical the academic problem with other subject across and technical issue. Accordingly, explosive treatment course is the discipline that has development latent capacity undoubtedly. The main research achievement that machines my school theory and the taking that use a field in explosion now is brief the introduction is as follows: 1) explosion solders research respect, basically undertook " bimetallic explosion solders academic " , " multilayer and filmy explosion solders principle " reach " explosion solders parameter CAD " the research of tripartite face, solder explosion technical Xiang Chao is thin, exceed thick development. Among them, develops bimetallic explosion solders academic, will before only comfortable solder to extend practical bimetallic scope theoretically at the explosion of odd metal, the academic design that detonate solders is more adjacent at actual condition, used at guidance to solve those who exceed thick material explosion to solder directly " cross frit " craze problem. Exceed thick aluminium with should was guidance to develop theoretically - copper, aluminous - steel, copper - the electric conduction such as steel kind composite material, use at electric power, aluminium directly material, chloric alkaline wait for manufacturing facilities, achieve direct economic benefits 3 years to amount to 100 million yuan of above. This technology had the honor to win a country to teach 1997 appoint progress of science and technology is second-class award, expert appraisal thinks " develop somewhat to bimetallic theory, the project amounts to international banner level. " additional, solder in other explosion technical development and research respect, still undertook big board explosive answer plywood, double deck and three-layer tool steel are compound board explosive solder is successional all sorts of afterwards rolling, explosion multiple tube the research of the technology such as material and development, these projects apply at chemical container and equipment, civil cooking utensils, knife to cut respectively, oil machinery equipment. In the meantime, still used diagnostic line law to study detonation drive the computational method of all sorts of component, be like board, the canal. 2) in exceed hard data explosion to synthesize research respect. From theoretic, quanta mechanical, the fault is kinetic as kinetic as crystallization as mechanical as explosion photograph is united in wedlock, considered to pound the microcosmic mechanism that changes and macroscopical condition, the actor that put forward explosion to synthesize raw material is chosen principle and cause the concussion condition that changes. In the meantime, choose a principle to be guidance according to the actor of theoretic raw material, use physico-chemical method to be opposite raw material modified, hair is clear " of explosive synthesis diamond expand black lead law " (the invention is patent) , developed relatively perfect explosion to synthesize academic system and technical system. The research of this respect already saved appraisal of committee of science and technology through two, appraisal result all achieves international advanced level, 99 year have the honor to win science and technology of Ministry of Education to progress (invention kind) third class award. 3) in national science foundation, province of science foundation aid financially below, the explosive squeezing ramming that developed alloy of fast temper by dipping in water, explosion solders research. Solder multilayer and filmy explosion especially the technology applies at piece alloy of condition of body blame brilliant is made, from theoretic development more complete multilayer and filmy explosion solders the window is academic, the explosion of the film of alloy of the condition that be not brilliant that already finished nearly 200 25 micron now solders. Up to now, outside working except our research, use only on international multilayer the report that is not film of brilliant condition alloy to undertake explosive squeezing ramming, still did not make metallurgy union is achieved between film, form condition of real blame brilliant to add up to the research of bullion put oneself in another's position to report. Current, we are not the microcosmic blemish in brilliant condition alloy to undertake study to control, emphasize solve the film that be not brilliant to solder in explosion the mechanical mechanism that microcosmic limitation produces in the process (if curve wave, heat insulation,cut crackle to wait) . This settlement of academic problem will is opposite not only alloy of the condition that be not brilliant makes a system, and can be opposite general fragile hard the explosion of kind of material solders have academic and directive value. The 4) research in other explosion technology respect. I.

Undertook cut theory and technology study explosive, use explosive cut technology at heavy boat of underwater ferroconcrete structure, underwater tear open solution; Ii.

Undertook rehabilitate of explosion of wildcat of 800 meters of underground studies; Iii.

Undertook base studies even casting crystallizer explosive shaping tubal; Iv.

Blow up seismic effect detects with control method; V.

Special type blows up technology and equipment. CNC Milling CNC Machining