Aerospace is efficient CNC Machining technology

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Editor's note: The new challenge that receives aerospace treatment -- at present, the workpiece treatment difficult point that uses at aerospace domain basically originates two respects: Of new-style material appear, and the treatment of the complex structural member of integral thin wall. This is about to consider come from at efficient treatment, flexible the taller requirement that the many sided such as treatment, green treatment and cost raises. No matter be to aerospace product, or to other product, the target with pursuit and the high quality that realize a spare parts to make a process, efficient, low cost and friendly environment, it is manufacturing industry and a lasting theme that production technology develops. Analyse the development trend of machine treatment from technical level, have two main jumping-off place: It is the data data characteristic that spare parts place uses, 2 it is the structural characteristic on hardware design. From hardware data side for, because contemporary product is right high-powered requirement, use a few new material and difficult treatment data increasingly, wait like material of alloy of excel in steel, titanium, high temperature alloy, pottery and porcelain and composite material. The delegate of spare parts of difficult treatment material is the leaf on aviation engine dish, make outside impeller spare parts and plane landing gear use the part such as the canister, the workpiece data that these spare partses use has: 300M of steel of GH6149 of alloy of titanium alloy TC4, high temperature, extra high strength, these belong to difficult treatment material. From respect of spare parts structure for, take seriously increasingly as a result of more and more products light quantify, begin to use the design of structure of integral thin wall in great quantities in design of spare parts structure, bring about dimension of spare parts geometry big, structure and face form complex, wall is large small, transfer round horn radius is small etc, at the same time complete to machining precision and surface demand rises further. Because this is in treatment process,restrain to machining precision, flutter, be out of shape control and treatment efficiency raised very tall requirement. Part of many airlines construction uses part of large whole construction more, the part still uses thin wall structure, be like box of ala of wainscot of casing of plane airframe whole, whole, whole costal region board. Its geometry dimension can amount to more than meters 10 most, bigger even, the model is the smallest the wall is large controallable in 1mm less than. Besides two afore-mentioned main influencing factor, raise taller requirement to efficient, flexible, green and low cost, also be the main task that machining industry faces. Create higher to what machining of high-powered spare parts puts forward demand in the light of contemporary product, high speed CNC Machining, numerical control is compound the treatment, efficient CNC Machining that uses new structure or special device also emerge as the times require. The processing technique of high speed milling that is a foundation with machine tool of high speed numerical control and application of advanced cutting tool, for part of large whole construction (basically be spare parts of aluminium alloy material) offerred cutting of numerical control of efficient, high quality to machine a solution, already made a of aviation CNC Machining important characteristic and development trend, make from aviation popularize application to other production sphere further. Use system of high speed main shaft, offer as far as possible MRR(Material Removal Rate) of tall material purify rate, use high-powered feed system, in treatment all sorts of method taking a knife acquire very tall servo trends character, shorten thereby cutting handling time. The application of processing technique of milling of high speed numerical control, make the MRR of material purify rate when cutting of numerical control of structural member of plane aluminium alloy is machined is as high as 5000 ~ 7000cm3/min. Numerical control is compound processing technique is technology of another when after afterwards high speed is machined, rapid development gets applied efficient CNC Machining, che Xi is compound treatment is a kind of numerical control with at present most application compound treatment. On one hand, relative to at successive turning treatment character, car mill treatment becomes successive cutting is intermittent and compound cutting, cutting power decreases 30% ~ 50% above, cutting temperature also is reduced greatly, accordingly, compound treatment already became Che Xi these have difficult treatment stuff the main treatment method of the crucial part of complex structure characteristic; On the other hand, numerical control is compound function of treatment machine tool much, precision value is tall, high, can implement a part " hold card, all and finishing " CNC Machining, shorten greatly thereby auxiliary working hours, improve treatment efficiency. To plane landing gear bracket is mixed body of casing of spare parts of cylindrical shell, different circumgyrate, engine, lamina, pump case kind wait for a spare parts, use compound treatment, have very large dominant position. Use efficient and special reach machine tool of new-style structure numerical control to machine efficiency with rising further, like head of much main shaft, stand lie layout of main shaft of changeover workbench, large horizontal, flexible the structure such as clamping apparatus, make part of a few large constructions the main technique approach of efficient treatment. Design of machine tool of head of much main shaft has two even the main shaft head with two same above, in same many same construction parts are machined at the same time on workbench, make ground of twice of handling time of numerical control cutting shortens thereby. Belt stand lie fixed position of part of OK and convenient large construction, outfit blocks the numerical control machine tool that changes workbench and cutting process discharges bits, stand lie changeover workbench uses double workbench form to equip in order to save work more time, raise the utilization rate of machine tool main shaft. What form when cutting of machine tool of layout of horizontal main shaft is many cut bits to be able to rely on to cut bits self-prossessed and automatic drop, benefit is heated up at coming loose and avoid cutting 2 times. Flexible clamping apparatus uses numerical control many a little bit adjustable prop up, the means of true suction Fu or mechanical collet, the flexible, fast fixed position that realizes the large structural member of pair of different figure to go up in the machine tool and outfit get stuck, apply to large construction the outfit when 0 CNC Machining gets stuck. A few in the light of part of large whole construction the numerical control machine tool of the new structure of efficient treatment, new idea already also entered applied phase. The shunt-wound structure horizontal that like special Yu Hang empty spaceflight spare parts machines machining center of 5 axes linkage, have the characteristic such as character of tall tigidity, tall damp, tall acceleration, can use minimum the means such as refrigeration of the gush inside lubricant MQ, cutting tool and common cooling fluid undertakes cutting machines refrigeration to lubricate, to have the plane construction part of different material and different structure characteristic treatment offerred efficient solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining