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Think Design of product brief introduction is an efficient innovation sex three-dimensional design software. It is born at Europe, rolled out version of the first 2D 1979, rolled out 1990 at that time kernel of the most advanced on the world three-dimensional model, produced far-reaching effect to the development of CAD technology. Be in later 2004, rolled out GSM and ISM technology in succession 2007, creating the myth of CAD technology ceaselessly. 2008 is the crucial period that Chinese manufacturing industry develops, beijing Ike Siteke ability limited company and Think3 company are joint-stock, established Extech (Beijing Ike this special IT limited company) , owned all intellectual property that ThinkDesign product is in big China area at the same time, make China of this top class CAD product settle, extech has this locality company of world banner technology and network of globalization research and development exclusively as home, be sure to be Chinese manufacturing industry from " China is made " to " China is created " change make enormous contribution. ThinkDesign product writtens guarantee composition of a picture covers product of ThinkDesign of process of whole product research and development is Extech company a when roll out have completely own intellectual property, completely compositive, enclothe the solution that devises production government whole technological process from product idea, it basically includes TD Styling, TD Engineering, TD Tooling 3 advocate module, use at industrial model design, engineering design and industry pattern to design 3 phase respectively, TD Professional is above of 3 module compositive, suit to involve above the user of process of 3 products plan is used. The compositive environment that build a model is in actual project often the file with various bring into contact with and data, for instance: The 2D data, 3D data, hypostatic model, curved surface model, file that nod the cloud, reseau file is waited a moment, before the processing to these data, need makes a round trip between different system switch. And after use TD Professional, all all these data or file can integrate a system in -- be opened in ThinkDesign and handle. We can change figure of a 2D easily into substance of a 3D, OK also have hypostatic modelling technology and technology of curved surface modelling certain amount " mix " , OK still have the file that nod the cloud and common curved surface conformity... all all these are to be in same a system, same a window, same finish below the interface. The ThinkDesign of the means that build a model of diversification provided a variety of kind that build a model and measure. We can undertake groovy parameter changes a design to also can use ISM function processing not to have ginseng model already; We can use intelligent object to undertake commonly used structure, substance and the design that assemble system, avoid many repetition thereby labor and the consistency that make sure company interior designs a standard; We can use GSM function to undertake changing to the structure of the product in any phase of products plan... the flexibility that all all these can add a design substantially, shorten the research and development of the product is periodic. Benefit: Unified data platform, those who avoided different data changeover to bring is trival with the risk; Assure the synchronous sex of product research and development, shorten development is periodic; Unified operation interface, facilitating study and use; The means building a model of diversification, without participate in have join your changeover. TD Styling of design of Nextpage industry model is the important module of ThinkDesign, it offerred the innovation of one a complete set of to devise a method, can help you begin from a piece of picture, the modelling design of the can successful product that finish. Its are main the function has: Mix the technology that build a model, GSM technology, exceed powerful curved surface stuff, powerful apply colours to a drawing function, converse project, introduce its major attribute as follows now: Mix stylist of the technology that build a model when having products plan, pure support substance or curved surface build a model to command the design that often completes a product very hard. Curved surface order also can be used when they often hope to undertaking a hypostatic model is designed, and also can use hypostatic order when undertaking model of a curved surface is designed. ThinkDesign provided the operation environment that a substance and curved surface unite completely, this is not an interface only is unified, however rock-bottom product kernel agrees algorithmicly, consequently ThinkDesign is current only support substance and curved surface are Boer the software of operation, this the flexibility that huge increased to design. GSM technology GSM (Globe Shape Modeling) technology namely global appearance builds modular technology. It is ThinkDesign place a particular kind flexible the fast modification technology that change. To realize intention of a certain design, the architect is inevitable to the modification of the model, considering in industrial design, the modification of the model is more more important than founding, GSM technology provided a kind of agile, free design measure to the architect, it to " why to design " advanced one pace, it interprets the restriction that converts besides parameter, allow to its undertake changing to the model in any moment and need not consider the correlation between each features, the historical feature of the model is indispensible no longer. Graph 2 denotive it is example of metabolic of a GSM. In this case, the user receives the demand of the engine lid that reduces short car and bumper, the fag end that holds engine lid at the same time (the windshield of adjacent car and both wings) the position, point of tangency, curvature is fixed. These seeing be like some to be changed far-reachingly simply however, using traditional tool is extremely difficult implementation, because the feature of compositive model is local, because their parameter can bring about this drive be revised locally only; Curved surface builds modular tool to also have difficulty, because although alone curved surface is OK,be operated, of nap curved surface of Dan Xianglin successional it is cannot retentive actually, connect regular meeting to bring about a model to depart, and the settlement with GSM OK and very good function above problem. The concept of TDD concept TDD that is based on GSM technology namely " target drive guides design " concept, it is a kind of when Extech company is based on GSM technology to put forward brand-new CAID - CAD concept. It regards the focus of attention as final product result, regard product metabolic as in order to define good target curve drive guide force, the modification of the converse product that finish, overturned completely " attempt - quite - try again - compare again... " traditional design technological process, "Target drive guides design " of the concept put forward to be sure to lift what design a concept to change. Graph 3 denotive the example that is application of concept of a TDD. Graph 3 (A) those who show is the dimensional curve with a discontinuous curvature, graph 3 (B) those who show is already some dimensional curves (of green) the curvature contour line that draws newly with (gules) , graph 3 (C) those who show is the curvature contour line that uses new picture drive guides result of metabolic of former space curve. Apparent, the curvature of the curve after be out of shape is successive. TD Engineering of design of TD Engineering engineering is the basiccest module of ThinkDesign, basically use at hypostatic modelling, can satisfy most project design requirement, the three-dimensional design function of its will traditional 2 dimension design, innovation is completely compositive in onefold design environment, offerred highly competitive CAD solution for manufacturing industry enterprise, make enterprise can quicker, more businesslike and more agile have products plan. Its are main the function has: Project of manage of tubing of object of the interactive technology that build a model, intelligence, compositive Ban gold and conduit design, advanced outfit, 2 dimension pursues generate, transcendental data compatibility, 2D turns 3D function, animation demonstrates and 2D/3D/PLM is compositive etc. Intelligent object (Smart Object) often encounters design of many reduplicative structure when products plan, engineers work via was tired of these as dry as a chip reduplicative already, what they hope is to use the simplest method to complete these reduplicative work, and its main energy is put on the innovation design that has challenge sex. Fall in this demand just about, thinkDesign rolled out intelligent object function. We can be reduplicative structure definition intelligent object, when using, need to procrastinate simply only drag can. And what differ with place of other CAD software is, intelligent object can be a feature not just, still can be draft, hypostatic it is to assemble system even. True 2D turns although 3D technology has some of CAD software to claim now oneself have 2D (Dwg file) turn 3D technology, but those who make a person regretful is these it is to have the thing that view and admire a gender and does not have actual combat meaning only, because they are right the requirement of changeover is too slashing, and should they can become helpless when the graph is relatively complex. ThinkDesign abandoned to change way full automaticly, sufficient play person is in the dominant sex in transition, take a kind of interactive changeover kind, from go up at all resolved the graphical complexity restriction to changeover, make changeover changes to get freedom and have fun truly. Nextpage builds modular technology interactively (ISM) encounters the model that does not have parameter via regular meeting in real work, they may come from the changeover between different CAD software, also may be the purpose that is in a technology to keep secret. These do not have ginseng model, work to ours and do not have too big direct import. And no matter the ISM technology of ThinkDesign is the model that still guides to what be born formerly, allow to undertake be modificationed directly. This cast off the limitation of parameter thoroughly, become without ginseng model be without a meaning no longer. TD Tooling of design of pattern of TD Tooling industry is the CAD solution that Extech offers for mould engineer, be based on its powerful CAD technology: The global appearance of original creation builds modular technology (GSM) and area builds modular technology, allow you to undertake to complex model real time revise. TD Tooling offerred commonly used 3D component library, extensive data to change as interface, complete as TD PLM collection to become, in the meantime, it still provided the unified design environment of compositive 2D/3D, the engineer can be used neatly according to need. And the function that its have distinguishing feature most has: Faintness slants buy faintness slants buy order makes you can found an imprecise, but with primitive curved surface " ambiguous " buy curved surface slants like the photograph. Faintness slants buy commands the reverse side to founding punch-die or some is complex the appearance of the intermediate working procedure of stamping workpiece, or the cast of spare parts of treatment of a sophisticated machine is very useful. Cut foul line TD Tooling " cut foul line " the function can finish curved surface to arrive of curved surface spread out. ThinkDesign is at present only support curved surface arrives the develop software of curved surface. Cut foul line to be able to make the user obtains some easily complex parietal develops a figure, this is among computational some of working procedure when developing a figure very useful. GSM crest line turns round GSM crest line is another function with TD Tooling particular place. Often be opposite according to imitate or test result when undertaking the mould is designed the compensation that proper point of view has by the side of the some arris of the mould. This is a very difficult issue before, must undertake the compose of mould face is built afresh sometimes even. Use GSM crest line to turn round a command to be able to turn round the some arris edge of mould face easily however, and no matter whether be adjusted for this beforehand,made preparation. Overall situation scans (Global Sweep) Global Sweep is TD Tooling Central Africa constant distinctive function, it can found curved surface along 2D or 3D course, included pointed corner (Sharp Corners) . The user can try to control curved surface and foul line to have a test between different face through the change. For example, when having products plan, stylist and mould engineer can undertake cooperating with working through Associative Global Sweep, when stylist undertakes changing to the product, knead dough of attrib border line can be updated automatically, seasonable feedback arrives engineer one party. Function of TD Compensator main distinguishing feature: TD Compensator is Extech company is based on " target drive guides design " concept, use what GSM technology develops to be used at having Ban gold be out of shape compensatory CAD tool, it lets stylist be put from the solution in technical limitation, concentrate energy completely on product figure. TD Compensator is mixed in FEA optimize a mould communication bridge was built between the design. It realized mould face to revise the automation of the process, replace heavy artificial work. Use TD Compensator, cooperate the data of FEA, can improve efficiency, the engineer also need not cost a large number of time to rebuild again compensation curved surface, TD Compensation can improve efficiency, let an engineer make the better pattern that is used at treatment. Check according to abecedarian user, design time can be saved 80% . CNC Milling CNC Machining