Grind auspicious labour accuses the machine application in washing photoetching mark machine

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One, systematic overview laser just is born to be called by people before long " the tool that solves a problem " . Scientists realize laser at the beginning this kind of queer thing, will want to become the technical factor with this the mainest times. Up to now, mere tens of year initial application, laser had produced major effect to our lifestyle. For example laser makes mark technology, laser Cutting technology, laser beam welding receives a technology to wait to receive wide application. 80 time later period begins to use wash photoetching mark machine extensively in the world, with oneself free from contamination, prevent bogus and cheap maintenance the particular advantage such as charge, keep pausing on the automation line that will replace gush of ink of " dot matrix to pile up machine " to run in high speed, tag different encode message for every product without osculatory ground. Especially after laser passes calcination, the effect is distinct, cannot alter, cannot counterfeit, have the very strong function that prevent bogus, be changed in food, day by wide application, on the product line of the product such as equipment of medicine, communication. Early of domestic some company begins to involve the research and development that washs photoetching mark machine to work, through old effort, use abroad high grade and civil laser, configuration grinds of Inc. of auspicious intelligence science and technology embedded product FSC-1713VN controls software as laser console and complete Chinese, development goes the laser with advanced function to cut sign chance product, become change in food, day, the main supplier that the many industries such as communication, nicotian, medicine cut mark facility. 2, systematic principle pursues 3, power source of system of systematic principle specification receives 220V(50Hz) to control machine and power supply of laser of carbon dioxide radio frequency to labour respectively, through engraving mark software, labour accuses engine control to engrave sign system implement He Zhenjing system. The object that carves mark when need is in on product line when motion, photoelectricity inductor takes the campaign of the object, return signal to give quarter mark the system implement, quarter sign system implement returning signal labour to accuse machine. Labour accuses machine after getting signal, give out signal to give Zhen Jing system and laser of carbon dioxide radio frequency, zhen Jing system adjusts X to with Y Xiang Zhenjing, radio frequency laser gives beam of light to X and Y Zhen Jingfa, deflexion sends the object that needs quarter sign to go up. 4, systematic hardware makes up 1, labour accuses machine configuration to explain industrial CPU gets stuck: Computer of EVOC-1713VNP4 class industry advocate board, can configure the processor memory of P4 level: 256MB hard disk: 80GB power source: PS-270A shows: The CRT that supports VGA port and LCD show 2, EVOC-1713VN characteristic: ◇ : 533MHz system bus line, support Hyper-ThreadingTechnology ◇ : Intel845GV+ICH4 chip set, two DDR200/266DDRDIMM insert groovy ◇ : IntelExtremeGraphics quickens controller, ◇ of 266Mhz core rate: Roll out ◇ of BIOS of Chinese and English interface solely: Controller of network of aether of a 10M/100Mbps, RJ-45 interface ◇ : Two ATA66/100IDE interface, 6 USB2.

0 interface ◇ : Board go up compositive AC97CODEC, offer high grade sound effect ◇ : Supportive AT/ATX power source 3, laser can use laser of radio frequency of entrance carbon dioxide, system of power 30-50W4, Zhen Jing 5, the system is commented nowadays, grind auspicious offer labour to accuse hardware platform for enterprise of research and development of many civil laser, offerred product includes: Full-length industry CPU gets stuck, CPU of course of study of full-length, half long-term hired hand blocks low power comsumption and embedded series, make whole system stable, reliable move, the product that has developed at present covers: Laser makes mark machine, engraving tool of machine of laser metal cut, laser is waited a moment, obtained good economic benefits, also had positive stimulative effect to promote the development of technology of domestic civil laser. CNC Milling CNC Machining