Aluminous an efficient finish machining with composite material

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Wear FZ32 of movable type planer-type milling machine high what Cimoman rolls out new generation is tall a FZ32 of movable type planer-type milling machine, special design uses this model at to aluminium have 5 complete treatment with composite material, and to steel the efficient precision work that has 5 axes linkage. Age through using the drive technology of newest research and development and the gear that use newest generation a drive system, provide high-powered linear guide, its treatment feed rate rose 60% above. The fiber that passes use high-tech enhances sexual stuff stuff, showed touchdown to raise airframe to bear the weight of the tigidity of the component. In addition, book is planted by this the tall damp of material is characteristic, the damping effect of airframe raised 5 times than traditional cast-iron airframe, more qualitative than steel airframe raised 10 times. Additional, it used VH2 of new generation milling head, the cutting parameter that rises considerably makes FZ32 right aluminous cutting of big bit amount becomes a possibility. FZ32 of the generation on photograph comparing, the main shaft power of new generation FZ32 rose about 100% , rotate speed rose about 45% . The VH2 milling head of new generation had high speed basically to machine all performance that light alloy place requires: The aggrandizement of ground of clamp system utmost of runner shaft coming back rough machining function, the drive of worm of high rigid worm gear that takes water-cooling and distinctive main shaft grease complement automatically lubricant system ensured the long-term stable reliability of equipment is mixed low safeguard a gender. CNC Milling CNC Machining