CAE emulates help cutting tool to design implementation leap

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Emulation method can help advanced CAE user general efficiency is the biggest change, let an architect impose design concept oneself experience and method, design many to accord with a requirement " optimal " cutting tool. Now, industry of domestic most tool is designed in its cutting tool, still stay in alleged " product research and development " level, the method that uses a few CAD namely undertakes building a model to the appearance of cutting tool, next according to is used to experience, prefabricate gives the cutting tool of parameter of a batch of different geometry to do treatment test, choose from which or model of guild regulations of reentry of a few usable cutting tool is produced. Once encounter the different definition requirement that needs measure of pair of on cutting tool many geometry, especially " alternant dimension is combined " when, often can take only among them a few, consider as right combination to produce knife giving appearance to do a test oneself, after all the experiment tries cut cost costly. And famous tool manufacturer of abroad, use the handling capacity of advanced CAE method and high-power computer, and advanced emulation analysis is algorithmic, can undertake be mixinged integratedly to the many parameter of cutting tool alternate analysis, help architect understanding, each parameter change trends, and the dinky limits that helps the optimization that falls in these parameter combined influence certainly, next from now on inside limits, choose a few a few cutting tool to make come out to do try cut can, going up somehow so big political integrity made an appointment with blind to try cut cost, in the meantime, these CAE software on foreign benefit in order to and emulation algorithm, "Beforehand " the design gives a batch " accord with optimization trend " cutting tool " model " , once need, it can put in the market immediately, make these manufacturers can retain good competition ability from beginning to end. Provide an user when tool manufacturer when a knife, not only should list the dimension parameter of this cutting tool, and should tell a client, below condition of which kinds of cutting, this knife ability develops his optimal effect. So, where to have such CAE software, can you help cutting tool company will " product research and development " rise " technical research and development " ? The AdvantEdge FEM software that company of American Third Wave System develops for research and development of tool industry technology only should be a good solution. The geometrical definition that the basic function of AdvantEdge FEM software includes pair of cutter hub, definition to machining parameter, can undertake full automatic get used to type finite yuan reseau differentiates, analytic content includes roughly: The integral to time of heating power coupling, heat to workpiece and cutting tool is conducted and analysis of inertial effect analysis, leftover stress computation, static state, drossy rupture analysis and cutting tool wear away the analysis. Additional, be in macroscopical in emulating an analysis with microcosmic physics, software can the temperature rise that the basis produces in metallic cutting process, accept force and power change, imitate gives those who cut bits to form, rupture, flow direction and temperature, and can be calculated or show leftover stress and cutting tool wear out condition. Besides definition workpiece initiative stress serves as a condition beyond, coating of surface of cutting tool vibration, cutting tool and cooling fluid means also can serve as parameter to participate in an analysis. In the meantime, software still offerred the material database of about a hundred kinds of workpiece and cutting tool, with convenient client choice. These functions can help cutting tool architect design and optimize a cutting tool with a brand-new means, include geometrical parameter optimize: Before horn, hind the choice of the; material such as horn and helix angle: The point of; cutting tool such as hard alloy, high-speed steel and diamond optimizes: Pour the life of; cutting tool such as arris, blunt circle to forecast coating of; cutting tool and its geometry dimension to wait to drossy influence. In the meantime, can forecast cutting tool temperature, cutting tool to wear away, workpiece is out of shape analyse with stress, forecast and balance cutting force, control to cut bits load and optimize cutting parameter to wait, in order to solve cutting tool " technical research and development " a variety of medium problems. If you take the admirable cutting tool of an entrance, you can know size of its geometry exterior with metrical method, if understand its material composition again, make very easily piece " identical " cutting tool. But to this cutting tool " point pours arris, blunt circle " wait for imperceptible dimension, you are very difficult with common method " imitated " come out, and often these dimension are crucial to a good cutting tool. Pass only use this software, undertake definition and analysis to these dimension, ability gets his optimal value. CAE should be become to be method of a kind of analysis by understanding, what it offers is a kind of correct trend or direction. Its action is to let an architect rise union of experience of design concept, practice and design method, design many to accord with a requirement from this " optimal " cutting tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining