Laser makes research application of the technology quickly

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The cooling state inside the temperature area with the strict requirement when laser made a technology improve Die Casting standard quickly. Individually model the cooling aqueduct of core is close to workpiece outline of the setting very much. And realizing this premise condition is: One kind agrees with aluminium alloy Die Casting the research and development of large quantities of heat-resisting rolled steel that estimate production is successful. The heat-resisting rolled steel with this kind of newest successful research and development can fuse layer upon layerly, solder rise. The pattern that uses this kind of material to make core and model antrum is successful already those who passed big batch trial production examine. Laser made a technology make up for the inadequacy in laser agglomeration craft quickly. The application of contemporary laser technology, used special research and development, the laser illuminate plan that filed patent protection, used powder of standard rolled steel to be the technology of raw material, scored huge success, can make give those who do not have systole, it is almost 100 percent close-grained component. Now, large part can be made below the circumstance of raw material of use quality goods, be like the mould of puissant refrigeration core. The character that uses data and the rolled steel that when large quantities of quantities are produced, use are identical, make made the spare parts that come out satisfy large quantities of requirements that estimate production. Aluminium alloy casts a factory to use this kind of engineering technology to create the Die Casting pattern of aluminium alloy material for car manufacturer. Applying new field to produce the laser in manufacturing industry to make a technology quickly in the car is production technology of production of a kind of batch. It is car mould model of the product in making tries to approve the port that tries the join between to transfer. To the mould manufacturing manufactory is told, the advantage of its quality and economy respect is very clear: (1) after using the refrigeration that nears workpiece outline surface core, the manufacturing efficiency of Die Casting mould rises apparently. (2) optimized cooling effect reduced cast greatly be out of shape. (3) those who reduced cast shrink pine and shrinkage cavity, raised Die Casting apparently quality and function. (4) can the pattern with mixed appearance of prior operation production outline core. (5) the time that uses laser to make a technology make mould core quickly is shorter, automation rate is higher. (6) the process designing of fast workmanship technology expends laser fell lowest, flexible change rise greatly. (7) the mixture that has patent technology makes a method can make large mould core. Also enlarged laser thereby the application of fast workmanship technology in production domain of mould, tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining