The new strategy that orthopaedics spare parts machines

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Lengthen generally of life as the mankind, more and more old people suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis, the demand that this causes orthopaedics displacement appliance increases ceaselessly, and the gain weight inside global limits and fat change a trend to make human skeleton articulatory should bear greater pressure. In addition, the lifestyle of most person is being changed, from lack physical training arrives increase motion to participate in degree, increased people to be opposite further body part displacement demand. As the development of burgeoning economy system, more and more people can bear cost of orthopaedics medical apparatus and instruments. Forecast according to Global Market Insights of global survey orgnaization, to 2024, the production value of market of global orthopaedics appliance will grow 50 billion euro () of about 53 billion dollar. Competition drives cutting tool development to be in the market of orthopaedics spare parts with intense competition, 5 main suppliers hold the market share of about 85% , other portion of the rest of competition of many 200 company. In view of this kind of intense competition, equipment manufacturer devotes oneself to to seek faster, more economic spare parts machines a method. Through using new-style data, embedded content becomes solidder, lighter, and can renew the contract 25 years in human body memory. In addition, the manufacturer of medical apparatus and instruments of one part; that orthopaedics appliance is individuation of trend of market of whole consumer goods is in try every means is custom-built the product of oneself, get used to a patient to be opposite thereby the demand of body exterior and other preference. Product diversity already became a crucial competitive dominant position. Accordingly, machine tool manufacturer goes after research and development to be able to machine the plan of complex outline spare parts quickly, and the cutting tool technology that tool manufacturer devotes oneself to development to be able to provide higher rate and flexibility. Advanced production technology program includes to be used at the 3D Printing technology of machine treatment and advanced and cooling technology. Graph 1 hip joint and knee joint displacement crucial requirement is intensity, dependability, light quantify and appliance of biology consistence orthopaedics includes appliance of joint of ancon of spare parts of hip joint and knee joint replacement, man-made and gambrel, traumatic rehabilitation, spinal column bone board and all sorts of rehabilitation use hammer, lever and fastener. Joint rebuilds the market share that appliance holds 40% above about, it is hip joint and knee joint displacement for the most part among them. The crucial requirement of these spare partses is intensity, dependability, light quantify and biology consistence (graph 1) . Treatment challenges orthopaedics spare parts to machine and be become by great ability, cast or forging normally, undertake next abrade with polishing. Embedded to hip joint and knee joint content, the commonnest workpiece material is cobaltic chromic alloy, but the use quantity of titanium alloy also is in growth. Typical cobaltic chromic alloy includes CoCr28Mo6 to wait, and Ti6Al4V titanium alloy is the most commonly used material. These two kinds of material have biology consistence, extremely hard, because this suits very much,make orthopaedics part. However, these same property also increased the treatment difficulty of alloy. Cobaltic chromic alloy is hard wear-resisting, flexibility is big, and thermal conductivity is poor. This kind of alloy may be included hard, bring about cutting tool composition of serious tatty abrasion, can arise tough and cut bits continuously, the cutting blade chamfer that because this need is used,has property of the good control that cut bits. Titanium alloy is very light and very solid, can harden when treatment, and thermal conductivity is differred. Quantity of heat is centered on cutting blade and knife face. Force of high temperature, big cutting and the tall attrition of the passageway that cut bits can cause crescent moon to wear away depression with cutting tool invalidation. The stretch model quantity of this material is inferior, this provides benefit quite in a few embedded application, but can go up from cutting blade in the material when treatment resilient, of because this requirement is close advertent cutting tool sharp degree. The data that orthopaedics uses in embedded thing treatment can produce overmuch quantity of heat normally, because this need uses cooling fluid. Having extremely strict restriction to the use of traditional cooling fluid normally however, in order to prevent contaminative spare parts. And be after treatment, traditional cooling fluid needs to undertake cleaning, this process is time-consuming and cost is high. In addition, in the healthy, safety of employee and processing policy respect, cooling fluid itself also can create environmental problem. Another kind of cooling technology is to use exceed critical carbon dioxide (the technology of dry type cutting of ScCo2) . This kind exceeds critical ScCo2 to serve as a kind of medium, carry dry powerful effect lubricant to cutting area. As the birth of shirt-sleeve and cooling system, can not using oily, latex or the spare parts is machined below the circumstance of synthetic fluid. Be reached by pressurization below 31 ℃ when Co2 when 74bar(1070psi) above, it became exceed critical fluid. Below this kind of condition, it can fill container like gas, but density and liquid likeness. Should be carried cut zone time, although won't resemble liquid nitrogen creating microtherm material euqally, but ScCo2 can expand and form dry ice. Accordingly, brand-new cooling fluid solution brings taller cooling efficiency, those use excel high-pressured water / oily, minim is lubricant (the existing system of Co2 of MQL) , liquid state and liquid state nitrogen. Use titanium of technology of graph 2 3D Printing and powder of cobaltic chromium alloy will produce the complex, part that approachs clean figuration to be in orthopaedics appliance production, another commonner and commonner blame tradition makes a technology is 3D Printing technology, this craft use titanium and powder of cobaltic chromium alloy will produce the complex, part that approachs clean figuration (graph 2) . In medical treatment industry, use alternative laser to fuse (SLM) technology fuses powder and chase a production spare parts. This craft allows manufacturer of medical apparatus and instruments to be a patient the spare parts of custom-built and special outline and dimension. In addition, still can produce the small hole appearance that agrees equably, quicken the band of spare parts and Ga of human body bone thereby. To finish machining, the major fabricating characteristics that machines the part that give to be able to maintain its to produce a metal through 3D Printing. However, this kind of spare parts must be accepted possibly presswork later period processing, in order to relieve the inhomogenous stress of the generation in treatment process. In addition, machining later period, because the spare parts is close to clean figuration and have complex outline, because clip of this spare parts holds a possibility,be a challenge. Content of displacement of complete knee joint comprises basically partly by 3 normally: One is the outline metal that calls femur part (cobaltic chromium or titanium) spare parts, it receives femur repeatedly (femoral) knee extreme; is to call tibial the metallic spare parts that hold in the palm, it is secured to the coping with tibial crus, by short axis or keel composition, the flat surface; that is used at propping up to carry raised margin is interpose the plastic bearing plug-in unit between metallic spare parts, can make articulatory freedom moves. Graph content of displacement of 3 hip joint includes 3 chieves same, content of hip joint displacement also includes 3 chieves (graph 3) : One is the metallic femur power that top contains femur cap or head, it inserts the coping of femur or buttock carries; one is the cup of metallic hip joint of bones inside park pelvis or ball and socket the plastic cup in the plug-in unit of new Alinea bearing in covering a; knee joint and hip joint uses UHMWPE(freeboard element to measure polyethylene normally) treatment. The metallic alloy spare parts of embedded content must have orthopaedics admirable surface is bright and clean degree, this conduces to what utmost ground reduces plastic spare parts wearing away not only, the life expectancy that still allows joint at the same time achieves 20 years or longer. It is for example in content of knee joint displacement, femur spare parts and tibial hold in the palm must absolutely and smooth, insert in order to protect plastic bearing do not suffer wear away. Accordingly, the production of orthopaedics component asks to undertake after milling is machined grinding is machined normally, achieve thereby enough and careful bright and clean degree. However, grinding treatment is very time-consuming, and can affect integral production efficiency and flexibility. Additional, grinding treatment still can be on fundamental spare parts generation high temperature and stress, cause spare parts occurrence on size error, affect the intensity of the spare parts and performance. Normally, advanced cutting cutting tool and strategy of high speed milling can improve grinding treatment, or grinding treatment is replaced below certain circumstance. The purpose of milling is to machine an appearance outline that does not have burr and exceedingly good surface bright and clean degree, and achieve the exterior quality that specific place wants, integrality and dimension precision. Because already achieved defines exterior surface roughness and structure in milling process, because this is OK,utmost ground shortens the aftertreatment craft such as polishing (if have) time. In cutting tool respect, the cutting tool life with same long and honest pursuit and productivity are the biggest change. Graph 4 whole hard alloy establishs milling cutter to use technical hard alloy ability to pledge and hard polishing TiAlSiN film, ensure providing exceedingly good metallic purify rate and fluent cutting representative application is on 5 axes milling machine use ball head stands milling cutter to machine by the femur part that casts cobaltic chromic alloy to be made. Strategy of milling of high speed profile modeling and high-powered established milling cutter to eliminate grinding to machine a process, as a result the treatment cycle of every spare parts is 11min, shorten than the method previously 50% . Pass the treatment condyle surface by grinding instead milling, can eliminate useless generation. Integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter to use technical hard alloy ability to pledge and hard polishing TiAlSiN film, ensure offer exceedingly good metallic purify rate and fluent cutting, achieve top-ranking appearance thereby bright and clean spend and reduce polishing time to least (graph 4) . The complex outline of orthopaedics spare parts needs to use a series of specific special cutting tool normally. For example, tibial hold in the palm involve 7 treatment operation, include root of the rough machining, rough machining that hold a bottom in the palm, finish machining that hold a bottom in the palm, milling pouring wine cup, T chamfer to cut precision work of treatment, sidewall / pour horn and root to cut burr. Need achieves outstanding exterior quality and reliable cutting tool performance with least artificial interpose, ensure thereby the cost of first-rate productivity, lowest and top quality. In the past, when completing this kind of multinomial operation, the outline that needs to use special cutting tool to realize each place to need, dimension and surface are bright and clean degree. Special cutting tool needs to throw many design and development time and charge, and because crop is inferior, its delivery time may be lengthened, the sex that offer money also can be restricted certainly. New method is develop and use but the standardization cutting tool of efficient in these application production, and these cutting tool still must preserve enough flexibility, can use at machining the other and similar spare parts in orthopaedics industry. Conclusion pursues the growth trend that 5 standardization cutting tool and applied support offer population of whole world of a lot of benefit and economy makes clear, people will grow ceaselessly to the demand of complex orthopaedics spare parts. In the meantime, the determination that the expectation of consumer and manufacturer of medical treatment hardware win victory in competition, promoted the research and development of personalized orthopaedics spare parts jointly, satisfy the distinctive requirement of different patient thereby. Surprising is, the custom-built cutting tool that is used at producing this kind of part than before through using the more agile, standardization cutting tool that provides cost effectiveness more, can realize different spare parts particularity (graph 5) . Between each manufacturer, the detail of a few designs of orthopaedics appliance has bigger difference, but the product also has a lot of general character, because everybody system structure basically is identical. Although custom-built cutting tool is used to machine these spare partses on manufacturer tradition, but there was an extensive and effective collective base now, the cutting tool that makes on this foundation can machine a few current member efficiently in a variety of material. And in the past, this need makes the custom-built cutting tool of one a complete set of. Hill high density segments the workmanship of spare parts of analyse medical treatment, and use medical treatment part of more than 10 years machine experience, development went a series of standardization that can machine spare parts of orthopaedics of cobaltic chromic alloy to establish milling cutter. Its target is change specializationed cutting tool solution into series of more agile standardization cutting tool. The function characteristic of these cutting tool makes its can be used extensively at the treatment of all sorts of spare partses and material. The standardization of cutting tool can provide a lot of benefit, the design that it eliminated custom-built cutting tool, prototype is made and check a process, because this can save many time. Because cutting tool is standard cutting tool, because this conference line is in the catalogue item with tall hill, can deserve high to send a center to offer money to world each district through hill. In addition, these cutting tool return can big batch to produce, because this reduced the cost of individual cutting tool. The slot that new cutting tool series includes 9 kinds to differ and gross 39 kinds of products. Through offerring the product of radius of different type, circular arc and dimension, can expand to choose limits relative to lesser product at present. These cutting tool designs are used at machining all sorts of orthopaedics spare partses (include knee joint and hip joint) on current specific member, but also apply to treatment spare parts of bone board, rachis and other part. 9 kinds of different chamfer have special function severally or use area, include root of rough machining, finish machining, T chamfer to cut the superfinishing that reachs complex outline part to wait among them. For example, JH770 establishs milling cutter design to be used at rough machining, carry sacrificial vessel to have 4 blade, 5 blade and a variety of type products of 6 blade, can have integral rough machining and the operation that are close to clean form cutting thereby. The total length of this cutting tool is shorter, can offer highest tigidity in order to be in treatment of rate of tall metal purify. Another standardization product is JH780, it is head of ball of taper of a 4 blade (TBN) establishs milling cutter, use at the spare parts detail to nicety (for example the box type component of femur condyle) have 5 axes precision work. Standardization cutting tool is pledged by tough hard alloy material (cobaltic content 12%) is made, and used the film of TiAlSiN HXT polish of research and development of hill tall interior. CNC Milling CNC Machining