New breakthrough of craft of Sheet Metal Fabrication -- compound product line introduces Great Harmony numerical control

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Demand of craft of treatment of Ban gold product is higher and higher, ban Jin Chong cuts treatment craft into parts to already developed to diversity direction. Raise production to machine efficiency, and the treatment quality that improves a product, rationalize uses plank to accomplish reduce finished cost, it is the issue that institute of plant of all Sheet Metal Fabrication should consider. Also be trend of development of Sheet Metal Fabrication at the same time, it is better to get used to this to develop trend ability to win with broader market space. Develop a tendency to get used to this, limited company of machinery of numerical control of Dongguan Great Harmony already ground hair production gives Ban gold numerical control compound product line. This numerical control is compound product line is what expect by automatic fluctuation plane shear of punching machine of system, numerical control, numerical control and plank storehouse place are comprised is flexible machine product line, what accomplish unmanned value to defend truly is flexible machine product line. Numerical control is compound a product line is craft of Sheet Metal Fabrication new breakthrough, a brand-new field was started in respect of Sheet Metal Fabrication, the small lot in suiting particularly is produced and flexible treatment. Using numerical control to rush the craft means that cuts after punch first was used when cutting compound machine tool to machine this spare parts, be different from the treatment craft of numerical control punching machine completely. Pieces of whole plank is machined in treatment process process designing one-time finish, leave out the process of next makings, cover through cutting cut into parts saved stuff thereby and improved manufacturing efficiency. Numerical control is compound product line characteristic: Go up automatically makings system is automatic on makings system, suck storehouse plank to numerical control punching machine to locate plank automatically through sucking disk. Go up automatically makings system sucks makings journey is to pass electronic inductor control, inductive delicacy, accurate. Go up automatically underside of makings system acetabulum presses outfit electron inductor, whether does storehouse of plank of the induction in producing a course with Yu Zaisheng have board stuff. Plank is divided piece (contain gas to blow) device, have board stuff departing automatically, avoid the jackknife of plank. Plate thickness measurement unit, automatic check-out console the ply of material, assure the security of working procedure of punching machine punch. Punching machine of hydraulic pressure of high speed of numerical control of big mesa of punching machine of hydraulic pressure of high speed of Nextpage numerical control. Match Xi Menzi 840D system of numerical control of special high end, can accomplish diagnose long-range monitoring, remotely. Former outfit Germany imports brand Halley HKL to tie system of exemple hydraulic pressure. Component of entrance electric equipment, hydraulic pressure component made sure equipment is running the stability in the process. Construction of whole of numerical control punching machine is reasonable, technology efficiency of stability of advanced, function, production is tall. Before numerical control hydraulic pressure before sending makings plane shear automatically numerical control, send makings is automatic plane shear, through going up automatically makings system sends the board material that has developed on numerical control punching machine to plane shear and automatic clamp. Numerical control plane shear sends makings workbench before the belt, x axis advancement sends makings, baric pincers clamp sends shift before board makings, undertake cutting by the program measure that has written. Numerical control plane shear divides makings orgnaization the board material that has cut, the size that presses board makings undertakes be classifieded automatically. Numerical control answer is accrete the use that produces a line simplified to manufacture technology greatly, improved manufacturing efficiency. Plank punching, shape reach cut a process to finish, make work directly by raw material, those who replaced a tradition is strong cut depart to machine working procedure, reduce handling time to make an appointment with 40% above, economic data amounts to 6%-10% , raised the utilization rate of material greatly, machine efficiency. Reduced manufacturing cost, it is a nova of industry of Sheet Metal Fabrication, and a few obligate but with go up storehouse, automatically the interface of the device form a complete set such as makings manipulator and stow, extend automation degree to form numerical control to rush further trim board flexible treatment product line. This will be later tall compositive the tide that turns equipment development. CNC Milling CNC Machining