The air bearing main shaft that with Yu Chao high speed machines

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Offer the opportunity that has machined a spare parts thoroughly for the user. However, cutting tool itself can not offer motivation to be gotten in a few grinding, polish, sculpture and small diameter cut the freeboard cutting rate that waits for the place in exceeding high speed to machine to need. If a spare parts is returned must from " muti_function " on lathe, move goes to another or a few high speed that more content has on the machine tool are machined, that showed this " muti_function " lathe did not develop it at all the advantage that oneself place has some is in in outfit clip to process a work. Develop the treatment function of lathe for optimization ground, include to undertake cutting is machined exceeding high speed, new development of company of NSK United States goes by what prop up without contact air bearing by the axis that compresses air drive, the purpose is to be dynamical cutting tool to offer be as high as 160, 000 turn / the rotate speed coming back of cent is spent. Those who rejoice is the rigid difference that itself of air bearing structure is existing and the different heart that cause, not only machine precision without the influence, instead because can make cutting tool drifts a little, raised the treatment precision of the spare parts consequently, and still have cutting power small, the machine tool consumes power small wait for an advantage. Although to inferior rotate speed (60, 000r/min) treatment, the power of the biggest cutting that the machine tool consumes is 40W only. Can install on machine tool main shaft 0.

The bit with little 5mm, it is the spare parts treatment that is used at having medical apparatus and instruments and electronic product normally. The working principle of air bearing is, compress air to enter the shaft of dynamical cutting tool that props up by air bearing, be divided into two passageways, axis of cutting tool of power of drive of in order to of a passageway, another passageway is used at bearing axis of cutting tool of the power that prop up. Among them spin turns cutting tool axis and air bearing the machining that is classics nicety, both maintain 0.

The clearance of 02mm. Axis of dynamical cutting tool uses the dominant position of air bearing, rotate in cutting tool axis commonly before, park of cutting tool axis " those who drifting " condition. That is to say, baric must above all action at axis of spin cutting tool, in order to be in axis of spin cutting tool and bearing between form an air cushion. The formation of this one air cushion, it is through opening a hand accuses air valve door or by what had made up the program opens air valve of a solenoid, the place in controlling its to work needs air pressure to wait. CNC Milling CNC Machining