Center of grinding of automation cutting tool

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In respect of outstanding achievement, efficiency, precision, michael Deckel S22 has outstanding place, the economy that this also is accurate cutting tool is produced and all-purpose the foundation that grinds again. The perpendicular principle that has patent according to DECKEL has S22 grinding center working, axis of the cutting tool when the job is vertical, grind change implement compositive also among them. Accordingly, compared with the machine tool of traditional structure, the stability of S22 good, precision tall, suitable scope is wide, also operate easily. In addition, perpendicular type construction had kinetic advantage. The machine tool of most tradition adjusts exact position need is longer the journey, and the axial journey of S22 basically is those who regard grinding as the journey with. Accordingly, the work that it processes can achieve the biggest diameter to be 250mm, the biggest length is 900mm about (when length of the biggest grinding is 400mm) , weight of the biggest treatment is 50kg. To the user, the biggest advantage of S22 is centered in high rate, precision and flexibility. The speed taking a knife on linear axis is the most high-energy achieve 2000mm/min, the top rotate speed of the round axis A of fast and direct drive is 600r/min, the top rotate speed of C axis is 60r/min, millstones and workpiece change rapid, all these reduced auxiliary time, make the manufacturing efficiency of S22P rises thereby, compared with other machine tools more economy is economical. Installed on all axes survey a system directly, also install so on round axis especially, in be used actually, shortly of such straight drive device makes the circumstance that does not have mechanical drive falls to also can be used, and moving very close to each other is unoccupied place, without wear away, this provided safeguard for the high accuracy of the machine tool and dependability. By series compositive grind mediumly to the machine tool change implement, it is machine tool economy runs indispensable premise, can make the precision of the machine tool taller, suitable scope is bigger. Of S22P grind change implement use sensor to have the job, will change by the program the millstones in machining working procedure. It can accommodate 8 to wear a bag at most, every grind a bag to be able to accommodate 3 millstones. The fastest change speed is calculated with the second, it reduced generation to cut the time of bits, and install those who have HSK receiver to grind those who provide core axis to become high accuracy clamp to assure. By polymer concrete (high quality, good damping performance) mould and the oriented device of become solid mineral and cast-iron baseplate and large size, laid the foundation of high accuracy of this machine tool. The power of the device of synchronous straight drive of emery wheel axis is 15kw, water-cooling device, stepless speed regulation can implement inside limits of 3000 ~ 8000r/min. The axial drive that goes up with traditional sense is contrary, straight drive device is below the circumstance that is like transmission belt, leather belt annulus or clutch without mechanical element is OK also and normal the job, make crack of working a confusion of voices gets lower, moving security tall, lowered wear rate greatly. The height of machine tool work station can adjust freely, and direction can tilt, because this can get used to the different height of machine tool handlers, reduced the fatigue of handlers, security is increased. Get stuck through a the modernest efficient CNC and the control of the machine tool comes true, it is mixed to systematic parameter of the function choose did not set restriction, can get used to various grinding tasks with groove. Data trade has directly between the computer and CNC, the word of need also can undertake in real time. Use go ahead of the rest (Look-Ahead) function, can make axial motion adjusts optimal position, axial limitation also can try to identify as early as possible. The computer (Peuium Ⅲ / 800MHz) use Windows XP Professional of Microsoft operating system, can upgrade at any time, hard disk most greatly 10GB, with machine of soft drive, CD and aether net interface. Be produced to come true and grind neither again by accident, deckel company offerred various moving programs for all standard cutting tool, also stock is special program, if be used at turning cutting tool of cutting tool, globose special type or use at the client the grinding program of special requirement. Here, the client can wrap Aipperspach&Unger in the software with powerful function or undertake choosing in NUMROTOplus, perhaps ask the software with Deckel company technical corresponding staff, use at developing all sorts of different production component. At the same time special offer still have measure key program and other and auxiliary order, can use at be being measured automatically to millstones is wrapped or be used at calibration to mix for example model press millstones. Carry compositive automation unit, make the use of S22P more economy: Of workpiece changing is the disc type tool carrier that places through OK and individual outfit and of implementation, the biggest diameter can amount to workpiece 50mm. Did not set restriction to the length of clamp. Deferent device can put the chain that DECKEL company develops 155 workpiece, this is the sensor form that can offer an alternative deferent device solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining