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Use mensuration of X ray spectrum, conduce to the excellent performance that assures a mould. Find new method, assure the excellent performance of the mould, make its achieve the goal that people place pursues. Current, a lot of engineering technology left deep impression to people, and everyday more new technologies come out. Among them, a newest technology is X ray spectral mensuration, it can help people figure through finishing its essence content (see a picture) . Use X ray to measure analytic technology to have a lot of advantages, mould production industry is relied on namely produce high grade product and get profit to say simply, all rolled steel have a kind of character, x ray spectrometer uses principle of X ray fluorescence, can divide separate out accurately to constitute the foregone element of stuff of some kind of metal and sealed element, no matter its are to be in solid state, still be liquid state. All sorts of part that in using X ray spectrometer to be able to distribute material of separate out mould, contain, the help decides this kind of rolled steel is to belong to S-7, H-13 after all, or A-2 rolled steel. Determine original report film in fact, use mensuration of X ray spectrum to also can decide the coating ply that eletroplates to go up in matrix material, its measure precision to be able to be achieved 1/1000000, this is same very significant. Apparent, this special the maintenance that is helpful for pair of sealed matrix material, be in when the mould especially some country or be made in some area and handle, but when need is used in another country or area or be being maintained. If do not have some kind of evidence to be able to explain this kind of coating reachs his to apply, so offer this coating to eletroplate the company of the service is maintaining level impossibly to understand exactly is why to be planted after all on the tool coating. This is craft of contact of a kind of blame, but this kind of sophisticated technology can decide a tool to go up even multilayer the ply of coating, and won't damage the whole character of coating and tool itself. Decide really about metallic stuff composition, can undertake determining through using method of X ray fluorescence, and to eletroplating material composition undertakes an analysis. X ray fluorescence analyses a project is to pass canal of ray of a X to fire the ray that come out to eletroplating material undertakes an analysis. The existing element that avery kind of is determined will launch its itself to provide some characteristic energy with the form of spectral peak value, the help identifies coating material. Launch the intensity of this kind of energy that come out, can measure the thickness that decides coating through semiconductor detector or scale counter tube. Next, through be fundamental operating system with Windows, the report of image or chart type is made on computer screen. Because the ply of electric film is OK according to national level and technical management board (NIST) formulary standard undertakes metrical, its measure precision to be able to be achieved 1/1000000, because of this kind of craft not only can assure eletroplate high gradely with polishing quality, and the manufacturing function that also can make sure its are outstanding, do not need to have speculation again. The spectrometer of ray of other utility X of X ray technology also can be used at the analysis to eletroplate the precise class status of the chromium inside fluid chamfer and nickel. Such doing be helpful for maintaining eletroplate fluid eletroplates from the project eletroplates to the next the proper chemical balance of the project. Use bottle of pottery and porcelain to analyse the exact content of the chromium in metallic stuff and nickel commonly. Because eletroplate,the solution in fluid chamfer is in eletroplate use up gradually in the process, need complements ceaselessly, because this uses X ray spectrometer to detect, can help optimize eletroplate the chemical composition in fluid, make eletroplate all parameter in fluid maintain in same standard. CNC Milling CNC Machining