Change a function to optimize milling treatment with intelligence

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"Intelligent machine tool " the module that one word is representing Mi Kelang seriation (software and hardware) . Every module has to use child the special function that optimizes milling craft. Different " intelligent machine tool " the target of module is milling treatment process becomes more transparent, control is more convenient. For this, must establish the communication between user and machine tool above all. Only such, user ability obtains milling to process the complete information of the process, just can make correct judgement. Next, still must optimize in different milling treatment the tool is provided for the user in the process, machine efficiency with marked improvement. The 3rd, machine tool can be controlled independently and must optimize milling process, improve craft security and workpiece treatment quality thereby, when moving automatically especially, this are attached most importance to especially should. This is " intelligent machine tool " value place of the function. "Intelligent machine tool " different module will come true, its advantage is: · shortens handling time, raise · of treatment precision   to improve workpiece appearance bright and clean degree and the rationality   · that · of mould precision   examines serious treatment way enhances craft security   · drops machine tool negative charge, lengthen · of   of machine tool service life to raise equipment usability   · raises working easy measurable, the dependability   · when including to run   · automatically to rise to move automatically considerably optimizes craft in the round, the advanced technology that improves Mi Kelang of module of machine tool of macroeconomic sex intelligence controls a system (APS) module is a monitoring system, it makes the user can observe with control milling machines a process. It is to be especially high-powered develop with high speed milling. And it also can be used at other milling to process a system well. Through be acceleration sensor installation on main shaft, make numerical control system can direct the vibration that show and produces in record milling. Accordingly, it conduces to necessary step is taken when craft is optimized. Wireless announcement system (RNS) " wireless announcement system " module open of communication and flexibility epochal. Adopt this one system, the moving circumstance information that the user can receive Mi Kelang machining center, and have nothing to do with the position and body of cost of milling force mouth. Adopt the short message form of the mobile telephone, the user can know the operation condition of the machine tool and program carry out condition. Because had " RNS " system, the user can build a backing easily to organize, such more facilitate extensive, neatly arrangement operates personnel. Global initiate, exclusive all intelligent operation personnel support a system (OSS) operation personnel supports a system (OSS) can be mixed according to the structure of workpiece treatment requirement, optimize treatment process. Pass the user interface that uses easily, the user is OK conveniently set target dimension, rotate speed, precision and surface are bright and clean degree and the parameter such as the complex degree of workpiece weight and treatment can be revised at any time. The treatment function that the treatment method that faces craft assured to utmost favourable geographical position uses Mi Kelang machine tool. Intelligent temperature controls a system (ITC) uses intelligent temperature to control a system (ITC) , the machine tool operates personnel to need not expend energy to carry the temperature steady state of the machine tool. With respect to the specific treatment demand that can resolve workpiece absorbedly. Because, the machine tool already had Mi Kelang " temperature handles knowledge " . All Mi Kelang machine tools use system of Hai Dehan numerical control " intelligent machine tool " module can be used at all Mi Kelang machine tools that already installed system of Hai Dehan numerical control now. Some module had become the standard of the machine tool to configure, other module can undertake choosing matching as options. Every " intelligent machine tool " module is used at fulfilling specific function. As a result of it modular design, the user can choose to suit to raise its milling to machine the module of craft most. This is meant, improving technology while can produce more workpiece, treatment precision is taller. The dependability when rising to move automatically, service life that prolonged a machine tool reduced manufacturing cost significantly. Mi Kelang's target is to be an user to offer more " come from a machine tool directly " information. This is Mikelang developing more " intelligent machine tool " the reason of module. CNC Milling CNC Machining