Numerical control lathe is right the research to turning structure

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Below the setting that develops to high spirit, high speed in numerical control machine tool, how assure and rise to be machined the dimension precision of workpiece, tall circumgyrate precision of machine tool main shaft is the issue that design personnel needs to face, as industry of domestic machine tool swift and violent development, high accuracy, efficient numerical control machine tool more and more get the favour of the user. The numerical control lathe that the type such as the tower of a lot of pairs of main shaft, double knife, double saddle, drive intermediate appeared on market in recent years, this kind of machine tool often is heightening efficiency side effect apparent, but increasing precision respect however the effect is general, the article uses theory mechanical medium fundamental is aimed at double knife tower efficient the machine tool is rising direct the respect offerred a treatment precision a kind of new thinking, new structure, undertook contrasting proving to this structure and existing structure. 1.

Transverse feed means and lathe of characteristic tradition numerical control all are traditional machine tool configuration of short-hilted broadsword tower, make the same score tower of knife of the buy before lathe of lathe bed numerical control is configured, lathe of numerical control of inclined lathe bed configures postposition knife tower, both when turning of feed of X axis direction main shaft is one-way get power. The lathe of numerical control of double knife tower that appears on market in recent years namely knife tower is placed for fluctuation, if the graph is shown 1 times, be in in the meantime inside treatment outside Kong He when the circle, x1 axis delays square to feed, x2 axis also is to delay square to feed, main shaft gets power also is one-way get power, and the force that is more than place of traditional lathe main shaft to suffer. Get radial load as a result of workpiece and make workpiece is out of shape, distance clip holds the position further be out of shape bigger, easy generation the circumstance of awl, cylinder spends difference, also have very big effect to life of main shaft bearing. 2.

Right to turning structure transverse feed means and characteristic are opposite the research to turning structure, make traditional structure sufferred power position to produce essential sex to change, in have foundation of structure of lathe of numerical control of double knife tower to go up, will go up the feed direction of knife tower delays X1 axis to lose directional feed namely reversely, form on feed of negative direction of axis of Dao Dayan X1, those who issue axis of Dao Dayan X2 to lose directional feed is right to feed means, if the graph is shown 2 times, it is to make the major turning force of the direction of axis of X of fluctuation Dao Dayan that workpiece gets mutual and quits above all to the characteristic to turning completely quits even, the radial load that workpiece gets became small be out of shape small also, workpiece cylinder is spent rise a lot of, next the radial load that place of main shaft bearing gets is very small make the tall circumgyrate precision of bearing life, bearing maintains a gender to rise greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining