The new chamfer of Walter AG UD4 optimizes batch to produce medium grooving and groovy turning

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The chamfer that passes elaborate design only ability assures the optimal function that break bits, create a condition for high technology reliability. When be being cut with tank car in grooving this especially important, because most inside the cuts bits to be blocked up in stricture chamfer that the nothing is more... than that lets poll ache cuts off not easily. The technology reliability when raising grooving and groovy turning -- this demand that a lot of users think the new chamfer in Walter Cut product UD4 can satisfy them. Key of personnel of research and development of grooving cutting tool pays close attention to Waerte to produce a problem at the batch of the treatment of forged steel gear, axis, hub and similar component and component. The treatment flow in batch production interrupts can adverse to cost generation effect. Because of expert of root of this graph guest the design gives the new UD4 bit that has the following characteristic: The chamfer breaking bits of special appearance is decorated along cutting blade, in order to achieve the optimal result that break bits. Undertake machining deepness when the 1 axial turning to 4 Mm, rough machining breaks bits chamfer result good, and undertaking 0.

5 to 1mm when the finish machining of low transverse feed, corresponding use finish machining breaks bits chamfer. On the razor blade of radial grooving, there still is to break bits additionally at the back of openly edge implement. Use these original part, eliminated to disturb those who machine a process to confuse bits issue well. Cutting tool life rises, nonproductive time reduces an user to bring cogent profit. Odd corresponding also ground reduces a manufacturing cost. For example, business of form a complete set of a car uses this kind of razor blade to try the hub with treatment 16MnCr5 qualitative material, discover cutting tool life rose 80% . Waertetubingen offers UD4 chamfer since this day of hard alloy expert model GX24 and GX30 razor blade of grooving of two kinds of norms. Width of optional cutting blade includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. GX30 norms also is the new product of Walter Cut. The cut intensity in cutting a course as a result of grooving and tank car is particularly high, so Waerte uses the Tec of newest Tiger · that takes PVD physics coat®Silver cutting material makes bit character. These cutting material exceed with its character the service life of common and performance is excellent. CNC Milling CNC Machining