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JTGK-750 type basically is aimed at machine of mill of carve of numerical control of high speed of applied example JTGK-750 large steel mould, requirement cutting amount is larger, the first selection product with rapidder rate. Cutting respect can reach the cutting capacity of computer gong almost, but speed is very more than latter tower above, and the product quality of treatment is good, replaced the treatment of electric spark even, very good public praise is enjoyed in mould course of study. Journey of XYZ of main technique parameter mesa of job of 600 × 600mm accumulates 1000 × (long × is wide) workbench of 1300 × 600mm is the biggest load end panel of 1000kg main shaft arrives the top rotate speed that working mesa is apart from center of main shaft of 170 ~ 770mm to be apart from 610mm main shaft to pillar slideway face.

01mm repeats fixed position precision 0.

Over all dimension of machine tool of system of numerical control of high speed of series of FAGOR 8040 of Spain of system of 01mm numerical control, 8050i 2640 × of 3300 × 2800mm gross weight 8.

380V of requirement of 5T power source, 21.

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